Oversea Partner/China Agent

Work With Lavalamp
if you are doing business at PSI? please let's know if you are distributor or importer in PSI?
We used to be a eye/ear in China for Product Sourcing,Quality Controlling and Supplier management(additions and deletions)
as well as payment management for oversea partner. Please let me know which two your will choose in Price, Service, Quality.
Fortunately for me,I used to work at ASI Company,I am doing ASI with my two partner in Yiwu and Google business from 2011 at Yiwu Of China.
We learn many lessons so i am more worry about quality than price in ASI,So I came to Guangdong Of China and open a small office here for products quality review..
By the way, We have build our supplier,order, products database online since 2011. There are 9500 products,1800 orders,1100 suppliers in our database,
I hope it save your time for trying different supplier at local.

Work With Largest Liquor Distributor

Liquor Distributor Supplier
We have doing business with largest liquor distributor(Cocktail)
or the insurance company(State Farm which i saw on the NBA Advertisement) for years.
So we need to source all products.We prefer to find the new and fashion products.

You Use Us As Your Supplier

we distribute the final products you sell directly to the customer
you setup a business agreement and contract with ourself whereby you use us as your supplier so your could sell products in your country.
This will mean that you will promote our product designs and when you get customers/clients who want to make a large order,
your order the stock from us with our customer requirements..

We work as your China Agent

China Agent
we will find product you need from China and ship to your directly. you can promote products to companies and customers in your UK.
we will gain good reputation and brand awareness from this service and you can charge a flat rate (%) based on either customers or business.
we feel this is a great opportunity for us to achieve alot of business