Custom lava Lamp Plug Standard

Custom lava Lamp Plug Standard
You can use different plug standard that we standard,Japanese standard,American standard,Europer Standard etc
or country like singapore,canad,uk, india..

American Standard:America, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and other countries and Taiwan which need two flat.

Europe Standard: France, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain,
Sweden and other European Union countries and South Korea, Russia and other countries to use..

British Standard: Hongkong and the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar.

Australia:(Australia, New Zealand)

Lava Lamp Plug Standard

Lava Lamp Plug Standard

Prefocus Lava Lamp Bulb Replacement With more than 40W optional bulb..Reflector Type 220V E14 R39 Or Type 110V E14 R39

Custom Lava Lamp

You can create your own Lava lamp color from China Supplier and manufacturer directly..

Custom Lava Lamp Bulb Color
Custom Bulb Color,e.g. red,blue,yellow or multi color lava lamp bulb

Custom Design Lava Lamp Bottle
Custom Design Lava Lamp Bottle, e.g.Brian lava lamp,Skeleton Lava Lamp,Snow lava lamp,Alien lava lamp,Bowling lava lamp

Optional Accessories Inside Lava Lamp
You can use not only the Oil(Wax) But also the Glitter or anything recommend..

Lava Lamp Replacement Bulb Option
The Oil(Wax) can be replace by other prefocus lamp. They are 230V Voltage with lamp head R39 E14 power 25W / 40W / 30W
They are 110V Voltage with lamp head R39 E17 power 25W / 40W / 30W
They are 240V Voltage with lamp head R39 E14 power 25W / 40W / 30W

Two Kinds Of Lava Lamp Bulb
Shimmer Lava Lamp Bulb And Prefocus Lava Lamp Bulb The Shimmer Lava Lamp Bulb(E14 Dia 35mm * 13.5mm) is designed for Glitter lava lamp with Less heating and power consumption.
Prefocus Lava Lamp Bulb(E14 38.5mm 13.5mm) is designed for Jellyfish Lava Lamp with Fast heating and high thermal efficiency,less power consumption as well as relatively expensive..

Custom lava Lamp Plug Standard
You can use different plug standard,Japanese standard,American standard,Europer Standard etc.
2 round pins plug for Europe, Brazil, Korean, India market,Two flat pins plug for International, Japanese, Taiwan,Argentina market,Three flat pins plug for AU, USA,UK market..

Custom Lava Lamp FAQ

What is the voltage for your Lava Lamp?It is home lava lamp..Voltage between two twenty to two thirty, frequency at fifty hertz.

How much power do you need for bulb?
30 Watt

if the light bulb doesn' work.Do you have a bulb warranty?
high possibility you can not find lava lamp replacement bulb in your place.Our bulb warranty will be 1 year and we will cover the half shipping fee of your cost...

if the lava lamp oil doesn' work.Do you have a oil or waxy warranty?
it is dangerous to make a lava lamp with oil and water only if it is a science experiment lava lamp for kids

User Manul:
The Waxy or oil liquid will be heated to melting on a period of time.please be patient.Please don't touch the working lava lamp with your hands..Please do not shake the lava lamp